bandersnatch_02 (bandersnatch_02) wrote in nyc_parenting,

Couple of Recommendations

I thought I'd mention a couple of nonfiction books about raising kids in NYC.

The first is by Adam Gopnik (of the New Yorker magazine), and is entitled Through The Children's Gate: A Home in New York. I haven't read it, but I do like Gopnik, so I'm sure it'll be worth reading. One word of warning: this will almost certainly be more of a wealthy person's take on the whole phenomenon.

For something a little more down to earth, I heartily recommend The Big Rumpus: A Mother's Tale From The Trenches, by Ayun Halliday. Great fun to read, filled with humor and wisdom, as well as great insights into the pros and cons (mainly pros) of raising a kid (kids, actually) in the city. Ayun is also the author of many other books, and the creator of the zine The East Village Inky.
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